5 Meaningful Ways to Plan Your Spring

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Is Spring Passing You By?

You are probably engrossed on finishing your lesson plans and forgetting all that nature has to teach.  This came to mind when my youngest son and I decided to head to our local garden center on the hunt for plants.  We had a wonderful time together and he was able to find the plants he wanted.

To my surprise he said he wanted to buy succulents.  Aloe Vera to be exact.  He taught me all about the healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant and why these types of plants worked well for him.  As we walked around the tables of flowers and plants we learned what types we could use in our garden and what other things we might need for planting.

Spring Inspirations

After such a wonderful afternoon I started thinking about other things we could do things that we would enjoy enough to create a meaningful spring.  To read those fantastic ideas visit Forging Foundations where you can read my guest post along with some other wonderful spring inspirations..

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Spring time!
Bring Spring Into Your Homeschool

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3 thoughts on “5 Meaningful Ways to Plan Your Spring”

  1. Heading to the garden center is a great idea this time of year. I’ve sometimes had my kids identifying plants and flowers before they look at the plant tag, as a part of science class.

    1. What a clever idea. We kind of do that. I’m not familiar with the native plants here in Pennsylvania which makes it a game for the both of us-hahaha. 🙂

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