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Christian Children’s Book Review: Saints and Blesseds from A to Z

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This children's book is the perfect jumping off point before moving into reading Catholic saint stories. Click To Tweet

When I first started my homeschool, Catholic children’s books were not as plentiful as they are today.  Especially one as engaging as Saints and Blesseds from A to Z by Aleesa McCarthy.  This children’s book is the perfect jumping off point before moving into reading Catholic saint stories.


The author has selected some well-known saints and also intriguing lesser known saints and blesseds from other cultures that I hadn’t thought to share with my children.  I think we tend to choose what is more popular and common. The lessons that can be taken away from this brief little book are many. 

As soon as I saw the front cover I fell in love with the illustrations!  Friendly looking caricatures of the saints and blesseds give the reader a safe and loving feeling.  Just as they should.

The author has paired the saints and blesseds with an alphabet letter with a brief description of “why” they have been declared a saint or blessed.  For the letter Aa we are introduced to “St. Anne, the mother of Mary who was patient and kind.” She is a favorite of Catholic mom’s being that Saint Anne is also the patron saint of mothers and homemakers.   

You have your popular patron saints such as St.Francis the patron saint of ecologists for his love and care of animals. Of course he represents the letter Ff.  And the ever popular Saint Nicholas “who was Bishop of Myra, he secretly gave out gifts to the needy and poor”. You can probably guess what letter he represents.

Two saints which were not European are Saint Kateri Tekakwitha also known as Lily of the Mohawks and Saint Agatha Lin.  Both strong woman who loved Jesus and stood by their faith.

Blessed Pier Giorgio

There is one blessed in particular that you may want to read some background information on to share with your sons, Blessed Pier Giorgio. While all the saints and blesseds stories tell us of their strengths and steadfast faith, having one that your son can relate to in the here and now is always helpful.  Blessed Pier Giorgio is recognized for being caring and helping people in need. He was in his early twenties, had fun, climbed mountains, much like any young man.  

This book is a great start to plant the seeds for your young family.  In future years you can build upon this with stories of the saints. This book piqued my curiosity and led me to reconnect with the saints and blesseds.  There are many possibilities for your family too.

About the Author

Aleesa McCarthy lives in the lovely last frontier of Alaska with her husband and three children.  She has been an artist and blogger for years.  As her children were growing she noticed how hard it was to find cute catholic resources, so she started illustrating these little saints. If you would like to see more of them, you can find printables for the liturgical years, rosaries, and holy cards at

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Where to Buy

You can buy Saints and Blesseds from A to Z by Aleesa McCarthy here.  Along with printable s that are a wonderful companion to Saints and Blesseds from A to Z that can be purchased here.

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