2018 Best Christmas Gifts for the Boy that Loves Books

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Christmas gifts for boys, in particular, and creative Christmas gifts that don’t require a PS4 or XBox, can be hard to come up with.  After talking with my personal team of readers, we came up with these gift ideas for the boy that loves reading books.  If he doesn’t enjoy reading books now, these gift’s might be the trick to create that love of reading good classic books.  


Christmas Gifts for the Boy That Loves Books

Sherpa Fleece Blanket

To cuddle in while reading.


Reading Pillow

For comfort and relaxing on.

Hot Chocolate Mug 

Filled with marshmallows making reading memorable.


Lots of Pillows 

In our house pillows to lay all over are necessity.


A good book light

To make reading easy on the eyes so you can keep reading all night.


Warm Fuzzy Socks 

Gotta keep those tootsie’s warm.

You Have to Have Books to Read, Right

These are just a couple of the books that have been enjoyed by the boys in my home.  I have created another list of “must-reads” for the young man in your life here.

The Hardy Boys were fun books to read.  I would read these to all three of my sons before bed at night.  They enjoyed them enough that at twenty years old they still talk about those stories.  Every once in awhile we laugh about  the phrase “gee-whiz”! They thought that was hilarious. 

How we love Winnie the Pooh!  I suggest this as a read-a-loud to young and old.  After I read this to my youngest son I had wondered why I hadn’t read this years ago.

These are just some of the ideas that came from my team of experts.  There were so many suggestions that I am saving them for another post but if you have some gift ideas that you want to share please do in the comments below.  

Happy Gift Giving!




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