The night before Max's new life adventure.

My name is Kristina

but everyone calls me Kris.  I have been a dedicated homeschool mom of three boys for 20 years and counting.  Since I was a little girl I believed in the magic of literature.  Now that I am a bit older I believe in its ability to inspire and educate our children.  Some of my friends describe me as a “skillful planner” and my sons laugh and enjoy my fun disposition and willingness to discover their interests.  Having lived throughout the United States I have participated in several homeschool groups where the wisdom and insight from veteran homeschool moms influenced my families life.

My Homeschool Education

As any new homeschool mom, I started by reading about the variety of methods for teaching at home.  First reading about the unschooling approach, which I love, but ended up using a classical approach because of its literature base and it’s familiarity. My method changed when I attended a workshop that was given by the local support group.  It is called Lifestyle of Learning designed by Marilyn Howshall.  When I heard about this approach to learning I knew that it was perfect for the boys. Then the family moved and a lovely mom suggested that a Charlotte Mason approach might be easier while I had my third son. But, I didn’t settle on the Charlotte Mason approach either.

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Later I worked for a homeschool program where I taught workshops for beginning homeschool families, assisted in the development and organization of our library and overall, just had a good time doing all the things I like to do.

Today. . .

We have settled here in Bedford, Pa(for now), a small town of 5,000 people.  It’s just the four of us now.  My oldest son is attending college in Washington state while my second oldest has just become a student of Lumerit, an online program.  My youngest son is being homeschooled still, he is 13 years old.  There so much to share!  It would be a book if I tried to share it all.